Story Seminary is really for you

People who are literate can be described as seeing in three dimensions. People who are oral communicators use two dimensions and are largely unaware of the third, or abstract, dimension. All people start out as oral communicators. Only a small percentage become literate learners. And many of them prefer oral communication methods.

PROBLEM – Seminaries teach abstract concepts to literate learners.

– Most do not see the world of the Bible like story learners do

– Seminaries do not train churches but individuals

– Seminaries do not use teaching methods of story learners

SOLUTION – Story Seminary trains churches using mostly methods used by story learners

– Story Seminary trains the few Spirit-gifted helpers how to carry out their calling. And it trains them to equip the rest of the followers of Jesus in the local church

– The rest take that training and build up one another to make stronger local churches that lovingly reach out while withstanding error from within (Ephesians 4:11-16)